Voiceover Demo Service

Custom Voiceover Showreel

For beginners and professionals

A professionally produced voiceover demo is a great way to showcase your unique voice qualities and performance style.  It will help you promote your skills for all kinds of work, such as TV commercials, radio, demonstration videos, drama, audio-books and character reads and more.  It gives directors and producers the opportunity to see if your voice suits their production requirements.


1. Consultation

We discuss your experience, style and the type of demo you want to produce.

2. Pre-production

We can help craft your script so it's ready for recording, with a choice of royalty-free music and sound effects.

3. Studio recording

2 hour recording session with professional sound engineer, who will help and give advice, and useful tips on tone, pace, breathing and posture etc.

4. Post-production

  • 4-6 tracks recorded and fully produced
  • 90 second compilation (for your profile / directories etc.)

Scripts and preparation

Please prepare and send your own scripts to us ready for the session.  You will need to have a clear idea of what you want to do to make the most of your recording time.  For example, you will need to have a good feel for the text, practise it, know its internal rhythm, and take note of appropriate places to breathe.

It is important to know how to change the mood (tone) of your voice, and how to consistently carry a theme or interpretation for your vocal performance.  There are many free sample scripts available online.

Guide price

Up to 3 min showreel

Ideal for updating your existing demo for today's requirements.

  • 4-6 tracks recorded and fully produced
  • compilation ready for your profile / directories

Price £300


Specialist Voice Reel

A more specialised demo reel showcasing character voices, etc.


Price £500




Feedback from Polly

"I had such a brilliant experience at Hampshire Studios with Carl at the desk!  I was pretty inexperienced but he was really encouraging and made the whole session really easy and enjoyable.  The setup is really professional and the results sound brilliant, I’m so proud of them.  I’ll definitely be using them again, and would recommend them to anyone, no matter their experience."

If you are looking to compile your existing work or have specific requirements for your showreel, please contact us for a quote.